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Giving a Voice to Photographers and Video-makers from the Ukraine

These kids have seen war

        These kids have seen war. The’Kharkiv Station’ voluntary group receives refugees from the East of Ukraine.  Hundreds of families from Lugansk and Donetsk regions arrive in … Continue reading

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Bella Logachova

    Fishmongers. 2013 This series of portraits of women selling fish was shot in Kharkiv, Ukraine, at the time when peaceful protests were just starting. At that time the … Continue reading

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Oleg Kutskiy and Boris Bukhman

    Odessa in Mourning May 2, 2014 in Odessa will never be forgotten. When football fans’ demonstration for unified Ukraine was shot at by armed separatist supporters from behind … Continue reading

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Roman Pyatkovka

   Soviet Photo (2012) ‘Soviet Photo’ was the only magazine available to photography professionals and amateurs in the Soviet Union from 1926 to 1992. Like any other publication, it was … Continue reading

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Ivan Bogdan

  The Human Face of Protest Ukrainians had never realized they were capable of it, but this revolution changed the face of Ukrainian people. Hundreds of thousands of them united … Continue reading

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Bella Logachova: Ukraine’s Nights. 2014

Ukraine’s Nights. 2014 This series was shot in Kiev in the days of the Mourning for the Heavenly Hundred, the armless Maydan protesters that were mercilessly murdered by snipers on … Continue reading

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Anton Ivanov: Portraits

  These portraits are made during one day at February 28, after Victor Yanukovich escaped and nearly hundred peaple were killed. This is the time of change, new possibilities and … Continue reading

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